Rajma Chitra

Rajma White is superior to the regular rajma and very soft feel and more delicate flavor. These are white in color. Pulses are low in fat & cholesterol, high in dietary fiber and rich in protein. The normal antioxidants in the beans offer numerous health benefits. These are of finest quality and free from injurious chemicals and powders. 

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How to Use :-

1 Packed with the wholesome goodness of protein, used in the preparation of a variety of simmered dishes, curries or as a topping in salads.

2 Used in making a variety of recipes like mouth-watering Rajma masala.

3 Rajma is always eaten with rice, popularly known as “rajma-chawal”.

Care & Handling Instruction

Benefits :- 1 Lowers Cholesterol. 2 Lowers Blood Sugar. 3 Treatment and Prevention of Cancer. 4 Weight Loss. 5 Better Memory. 6 Rich in Antioxidants. 7 Bone Straightening.

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