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We believe that corporate partnerships are not only a way to help brands meet their CSR goals, but also create sustainable impact.

Richline Food is a groundbreaking platform that empowers businesses to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals through quality food distribution initiatives and put the CSR money for a more direct and impactful purpose.

  • Mission

    At Richline, we believe that natural goodness is the right way to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We provide the best quality, hand-picked grains at wholesale prices and offer hassle-free delivery, making Richline your go-to grocery store. But our commitment goes beyond just groceries. We're proud to partner with a diverse range of organizations, from local businesses to leading corporations, to design and deliver care packages filled with essential items, ensuring support reaches vulnerable communities through CSR initiatives.

  • Vision

    At Richline, we believe healthy living shouldn't be a privilege, it should be a possibility for everyone. We will offer the best quality, hand-picked grains at wholesale prices, with hassle-free delivery, making nutritious choices convenient and affordable. Our commitment goes beyond your grocery list. We're passionate about creating a thriving future where a healthy planet supports healthy people. Will like to make a difference . Your Trusted Partner in CSR: We aspire to be the most respected leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Through collaboration and innovation, we'll empower communities and champion a sustainable future.

Why Us?

Transparency in Donation

Track, measure, and amplify your impact. Follow the journey of your food donations with clear reporting, allowing you to see the tangible results of your generosity.

Doorstep Delivery

Nationwide impact, effortless execution. Richline Food simplifies your CSR efforts with convenient doorstep delivery across India, ensuring your food donations reach those in need, directly at their doorstep.

Assured Quality

Give with confidence, inspire change. We guarantee high-quality food products for your CSR initiatives, ensuring your donations provide essential nourishment.

Assured Price

Focus on your mission, plan with clarity. Our transparent pricing allows for efficient budgeting and ensures your CSR efforts deliver the intended impact.

Customized Packaging

Empower your social impact. Design bespoke food donation programs perfectly aligned with your company's goals and values, making a difference that resonates.

Monthly Subscription Model

Simplify your giving, maximize your impact. Manage your social impact with flexible monthly subscription plans that seamlessly integrate with your CSR strategy.

Impactful Partnerships

Collaborate for good. Partner with Richline Food to leverage our expertise and network, maximizing your CSR impact and creating lasting positive change.

Different Ways to Partner with us

We offer range of customizable packages, allowing businesses – from large corporations to Middle and small organizations and even individuals – to design food distribution programs that align with their specific needs and target demographics. We have a wide range of partnership options for you to choose from all of which are customizable to meet your CSR goals.

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Care Packages

Care Package 1


  • Atta- 1kg
  • Rice- 1kg
  • MIX Daal- 1kg
  • Oil- 500gm
  • Soap- 200gm
  • Tea- 25gm
  • Salt-500gm
  • Sugar- 500gm
  • Mix Masala- 150gm
  • Sanitary Pad- 6 Units
  • Washing Powder-300gm
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Care Package 2


  • Rice- 5 kgs
  • Atta- 5 kgs
  • Chana Dal- 4 kgs
  • Salt- 1 kgs
  • Sugar- 1 kg
  • Nirma- 1 kg
  • Soap- 2 pcs
  • Stayfree- 1 pc
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Care Package 3


  • Rice - 7 kgs
  • Atta - 10 kgs
  • Chana Dal - 5 kgs
  • Salt - 2 kgs
  • Sugar - 2 kg
  • Nirma - 2 kg
  • Soap - 4 pcs
  • Stayfree - 2 pc
  • Tea - 1 kg
  • Mask - 4 pcs
  • Masoor Dal - 2 kgs
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Care Package 4


  • Rice - 10 kgs
  • Atta - 15 kgs
  • Chana Dal - 5 kgs
  • Salt-3 kgs
  • Sugar - 3 kg
  • Nirma - 2 kg
  • Soap - 6 pcs
  • Stayfree - 2 pc
  • Tea - 2 kgs
  • Mask - 4 pcs
  • Masoor Dal - 2 kgs
  • Mix Dal - 1 kg
  • Matar - 2 kgs
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